Style by Zodiac – Capricorn

When it comes to fashion, one word that comes to our minds is “unique”. Everyone has a distinctive style and taste as far as our sartorial choices are concerned. But have you ever wondered why? Maybe the answer lies in our stars. Believe it or not, but our zodiac signs can actually offer up some pretty accurate insights into the style choices we make. Join us every month as we share what your fashion horoscope has to say about your personal style and find out latest fashions that will help take your style quotient to the next level.

We start with the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn (21 December – 19 January)

Your personal style can be summed up as simple yet sophisticated. You like being comfortable in your skin, and you generally gravitate towards classic styles with a contemporary twist. If it’s too loud or over-the-top, you probably wouldn’t wear it. You believe in quality over quantity, and invest in styles that are evergreen. Monochromes are your go-to staples, but you shouldn’t shy away from experimenting a bit.
Colors that look great on you: Black, Dark Gray, Brown.

For Her

Capricorn women – For everyday casual wear, your fashion horoscope says you should keep it simple and sophisticated. Pair a classic white top in tunic length with leggings for a chic and modern look perfect for a summer day out. For winter, go for a sweater or jacket in classic black or navy over a printed dress in neutral colors. For a dash of style, add vintage jewelry and complete the look.

Your style twins: The ever so stylish, Deepika Padukone

For Him

For everyday workwear and casualwear, you should stay with classic colors. Pastels work best for Capricorn men. When it comes to suits and jackets, stick to the classics, but not just in black. Shades of grey and navy look great too! Since you are a power dresser, stock up on thin ties. Thinking pants? Go for classic fits in colors like navy, black, brown and deep greens. Keep the accessories clean, with a metal/leather strap watch and classic aviators to complete the look.

Your style twins: Bollywood heartthrob, Diljt Dosanjh

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