Curvy Fashionista’s Style Guide

Every Woman is beautiful. Period. No matter what shape are you in. No matter what the Dresses draped around Size 0 mannequins say. No matter what those itsy-bitsy waistlines you see walking down the ramp tell you, you still are beautiful in your own way. While a healthy body is a must, don’t be harsh on yourselves to give up on your Fashion Fantasies just because your body doesn’t feel the same it used to be.

Here are some Tips with Bollywood’s Hottie Huma Qureshi, who not only loves herself but make others drool for her fashion too.

  1. Summer Shrugs

While winter jackets come at our rescue and hide most of the puppy fat Summer Shrugs can help in lending an optical illusion by giving length to your body and making you look slender and stylish.


2. High Waist Maxi Skirts

Tame those love handles with ease with Full Length Maxi Skirts. You can shop them at really affordable prices at ShopClues, Aapki Online Fashion Market.


3. The Black Magic

Who can deny the power of Black! Not only does it make you look classy but it also creates a sleek frame for the wearer. So the next time you plan to splurge, you know where to spend.


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