5 Reasons You Should Visit Kolkata During Durga Puja

  1. Pandals, Melas and Lighting

There are a lot of different pandals in the city of Kolkata during Durga Puja that are equally beautiful. Also, with almost each pandal, is its accompanying mela (which, by the way, has a lot of different food stalls). All in all, the intricacy of the pandals and beautiful lighted streets is a sight no one should miss.

  1. Food

The sight of food during Durga Puja (or Navratri) is very uncommon, let alone the fact that there is special food for the same. While all of the north India is usually fasting, there is a long list of meat and fish dishes that you can relish in Kolkata. And how can we forget Bengali sweets? Yummy.


  1. Nightlife

The city of Kolkata doesn’t sleep during Durga Puja. Even at 3:30 at night, you shouldn’t be surprised to see people searching for Pandals or just hanging out with their friends. The next morning, after a quick power nap, they are back on celebrating the festival again.


  1. Fashion

People wear new clothes throughout Durga Puja. Everybody has their own definition of fashion and on the day of Bisorjon, married women wear white and red sarees with a bold red bindi. It’s all a colourful sight.


  1. Bisorjon

When it is finally time to say goodbye after a weeklong celebration, everybody feels it. Halfheartedly, they let go of the goddess in hopes to bring her back same time, next year. Sindur khela and dholak are a common sight while Bisorjon.



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