4 Easy Tie & Dye Designs


Want to give your old plain T-shirts a refreshing new look, this holiday season? Try tie and dye for a complete T-shirt makeover. Not only are tie and dye techniques simple and easy to do at home, they are light on your pocket as well. Here are a few simple tie and dye designs that will take you no time to master.

1) Bulls Eye Pattern

To achieve the bull’s eye pattern, you need to crunch the centre of the T-shirt and pull it upwards in a conical shape. Tie a rubber band 2-3 inches below the tip of the fabric and then continue wrapping the T-Shirt with as many rubber bands as you like. Paint the sections with your favourite colours and you are all set!

2) Fire Cracker Pattern

Crunch a wet T-shirt in the shape of a tube and tie a rubber band around the T-shirt nearly at one-third distance from the top. Similarly, wrap a rubber band at one-thirds distance from the bottom of the T-shirt. Paint the top and bottom thirds of T-shirt in different bright shades and leave the middle part white. There you go! Your firecracker T-shirt is ready to wear!


3) Heart Shaped Pattern    

Fold a wet shirt in half from the centre; then make a heart shaped outline with a marker. Pleat the fabric tightly with a rubber band around the outline. Use additional rubber bands to bind it further at equal distances. Now, apply dye of your choice in each section and your heart pattern T-shirt is ready!


4) Crumpled Pattern

Scrunch up the T-shirt into the shape of a mound. Crumple it enough to achieve the right effect. Apply the dye and then turn it over. Apply dye on the back side as well. Your crumpled pattern T-shirt is ready to rock!

Tie and dye is always more fun when you do it in group. So, next time when your friends plan to hang out, why not suggest tie and dye at home?



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