5 Fashion Tips to Make You Look Hot at a Winter Wedding

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t look hot!

Follow these 5 dressing tips and turn heads at the next wedding you attend this winter!

1. Lehenga with Pockets

Bet you never thought of this before! Much to the delight of every wedding goer ever, fashion designers have given us lehengas with pockets! All you need to do is slip your freezing fingers into them and you’ll be the classiest, coolest wedding guest around!


Source: Bollywood Shaadis

2. Full Sleeve Blouse

Not only do full sleeve blouses do a good job of keeping the Goosebumps away, they look sophisticated and sexy at the same time, especially when you wear it like these celebs:

If your dupatta has a lot of embroidery or intricate designs, you might want to pair it with a plain blouse- like this one– to balance out all the elements of your look.

3. Leg warmers and closed Footwear

A simple addition of leg warmers under your saree or lehenga can help keep the cold away from your toes.

If you pair it with jutis or closed sandals, you can stay warm and toasty and look fashionable all at the same time! You can also pair your Indian wedding attire with ballets or pumps. Just don’t forget your ankle socks!

4. Fusion Wear

Put a jacket on a lehenga and what do you get? High fashion!

While some may prefer to choose a jacket that matches the colour scheme of their lehenga, you can always opt for a stark contrast as well. Get ready to feel as hot as you look with this fashionable combo!

Source: Bollywood Shaadis

5. Pashmina Shawl or Stole

While you may want to avoid sweaters because they hide your outfit, shawls pose no such problems! A pashmina is always welcome because of how stylish it looks and how soft it is. A stole too can add a hint of colour and at the same time keep your neck and head warm- and as mum always said- that’s the most important thing!

And if these tips don’t work for you, you can always just walk around with a cup of hot tea in your hands!

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