5 Must Haves For Your Bachelor Pad

With all the freedom and tiredness from work, it is very easy to let go of essential things that define you. We bring to you 5 things that would still shout ‘Caution: Bachelor Here’ from your place but will do it so in the most useful way possible.

  1. Powered by Entertainment

For all the weekend masti and late night parties, you need to have a solid sound system to make it worth all the time. A wall mounted speakers in your living room with an optional (but highly recommended woofer) and a wall mounted TV (probably with a gaming console) would be a good start to the show. That along with different lightings and some wall paintings would be enough to set the mood. Work hard, play Harder.

  1. Tables and Chairs

For a while, it is convenient to eat where you cook, work where you sleep and read/study almost everywhere. But eventually, you’ll start to realise the importance of having a small table in one of your rooms where you can study/work, small table and chair for eating food properly. Buy a small dining table. Maybe this is the perfect time to invest in furniture.

  1. Wardrobe

You have a lot of clothes for different occasions that you have arranged somehow in a small cabinet through Jugaad. If you don’t want to invest in a wardrobe that just keeps clothes, there are options with mirror on it. In that case, you can get rid of your dressing table(if you have one). Also, wardrobe can be useful to put your most important sticky notes.

  1. Comfy zones

Couch in the living room, memory foam mattress in your bedroom and bunch of bean bags in the home- Perfect comfort scenario. Also, it is very important to have extra bedsheets, pillow covers, quilt so that you can use it in times of need. Comfort needs to be of ultmost importance to you when it comes to allocating budget for your home. Bean bags can also help with party furniture and small get together.


  1. Kitchenware

Just have more utensils than a pan in which you occasionally cook Maggie. Having a cooking set and dinner set keeps you close to cooking your own food than ordering each time. Even if you don’t cook, you can have a maid that can cook meals for you. Also, things like coffee maker, pop toasters, juicer should definitely be a part of your place.


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