Should You Buy a Refurbished Apple iPhone 6 in 2023?

2014 became a revolutionary year for the smartphone industry when Apple launched the iPhone 6, which was a hit among consumers. Apple has been offering the world’s best smartphones since 2007, and the devices have progressively become stronger, more powerful, bigger, and, not to forget, more customer-friendly. Since then, the prices of Apple smartphones have been skyrocketing, and they’ve become a status symbol among youngsters. Everyone wishes to carry an Apple phone in their hands, but not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on the phone. This always raises a question in consumers’ minds: Is it okay to buy a previous model? So, we have decided to answer it today. In this blog, we will clarify all your doubts regarding the refurbished Apple iPhone 6.

The release of the iPhone 6 was Apple’s response to big screens, which at that time were only provided by Android phones. At that time, this smartphone became so popular that Apple sold 74 million devices, which was 40% more than the iPhone 5S, and that made it the best-selling device. Even though it’s been nine years since the launch, if we look at the iPhone 6 in 2023, the phone stands out amongst other gadgets.

So, it won’t be surprising if we say that people are still going crazy over this model and buying the iPhone 6 Refurbished version.

Considering how popular this smartphone is, let’s find out reasons to buy a Refurbished iPhone 6 in 2023:

  • Perfect Screen Size

Apple made a big jump when they changed the screen size of the iPhone 5S (4 inches) to the iPhone 6 (4.7 inches), as the brand had to compete with other Android phones. With that, the size became so apt and perfect that Apple kept it the same for the next four generations. Smartphones that have the best 4.7-inch screen and are pocket-friendly were most preferred at that time.

  • Superior Quality Build and Design

Even after almost a decade, the feature that stands out the most is its classic design. The phone remains visually appealing, and the sleek body with curves on the edges is still iconic. Customers will buy an iPhone 6 refurbished phone in 2023 because of its durability, reliability, and sturdy body. The phone is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to hold and operate. The device is preferred by those looking for a phone that’s manageable and has a great build.

  • Impressive Performance for Daily Use

While the iPhone 6 may not be as advanced as today’s iPhones, it goes without saying that its performance is surprisingly competent when it comes to more daily tasks. The Apple A8 chip and 1 GB of RAM let customers easily browse, work, message, use social media, and call. The long-lasting battery life helps you stay connected all day. Understandably, the model is not as updated as today’s smartphones, but it still delivers satisfactory performance to its users. Therefore, a refurbished Apple iPhone 6 is the ideal option for people who want to purchase an iPhone but don’t want to spend a lot of money doing so.

  • Fantastic Camera Skills

Since Apple started releasing its smartphones, it has always been most known for the inbuilt camera quality of the devices. The iPhone 6 refurbished phone’s 8MP back camera captures sharp photographs even in low light. While the front face camera offers good-quality selfies and video calls. One can create memories with its camera features like panorama mode, autofocus, and HDR. Looking at the above features, the iPhone 6’s camera quality was one of the reasons why it became popular.

Budget-friendly Option

In today’s era, when smartphones are more expensive than gold, the iPhone 6 refurbished phone is the best that you can own within your budget. As the smartphone market is overcrowded with new releases now and then, the iPhone 6 is a smart choice for budget-conscious customers. As mentioned above, the iPhone 6 delivers reliable performance, and consumers can even get entertained with access to amazing apps in the Apple Store. Owning a pre-owned iPhone is cost-effective and environment-friendly

With the iPhone 6 being an affordable option today, it is unfortunate that sellers even fool customers into buying Apple’s refurbished phones. But don’t worry, as we have mentioned the following list that you should check before purchasing a refurb iPhone:

  • IMEI Number– The international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) is a 15-digit unique Apple device number that helps in checking out a phone’s exact details or blacklisting it in case it gets stolen. For the IMEI number, go to Settings > General > About.
  • Serial Number Users can check whether the device is eligible for any insurance or even its warranty status with a serial number. For the serial number, go to Settings > General > About.
  • Purchase Proof

With the bill, the customers must ask the sellers to provide proper proof of purchase of the device, as there is a possibility that the phone is illegal or stolen.

  • Test Camera

Make sure to check whether the front and back cameras are in working condition and have no cracks. Remember to check the image quality and focus mode, if any. Check the flash and back camera to see if there are any spots or watermarks as well.

  • Test Speakers

Speakers are the most important part that customers forget while checking for the phone. Put the volume on maximum, take calls, and remember to check the vibration mode.

  • Display Test

Carefully examine basic gestures like tap, zoom, and swipe. It’ll help to check if there are any issues with the screen or touch.


In a world where the new generation is going mad after the latest phones, one can consider the iPhone 6 refurbished version for its timeless design, performance, features, and affordability. But don’t forget to check your iPhone carefully for the above-mentioned points. So, if you are looking for a phone that delivers essential functions and features smoothly, in 2023, the iPhone 6 will be a worthy choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Will my refurbished iPhone 6 work like new?

 Ans-Yes, the refurbished iPhone 6 is fully functional, and the components work like new.

2.   How many colours are available on the refurbished iPhone 6?

 Ans- In ShopClues, Refurbished iPhone 6 is available in 3 Colours: Silver, Gold, and Space   Grey.

3.   How strong is the iPhone 6’s screen?

 Ans-The screen is made of Gorilla Glass 4, which is strong and long-lasting.

4.  Is the iPhone 6 waterproof?

 Ans-No, the iPhone 6 is not waterproof; however, it is water-resistant.

5.  What are the megapixels of the iPhone 6 camera?

Ans-The selfie camera is 1.2 megapixels, and the back camera is 8 megapixels.

6.  Does iPhone 6 need a case or cover?

 Ans-  It is advisable to use a good-quality cover to avoid any damage.

7.  What is the weight of the iPhone 6?

 Ans- The phone weighs 129 gms.

8.  Does the iPhone 6 support wireless charging?

Ans-  No, wireless charging is not available with the iPhone 6.

9.  What is the RAM of the iPhone 6?

 Ans- It has 1GB of RAM.

10.  Are refurbished Apple products less expensive than Apple’s new products?

 Ans-  Refurbished Apple products are budget-friendly. The refurbished iPhone 6 price on                   ShopClues is available at ₹7,999.

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