5 Everyday Hacks to make Life Simpler

Get Rid of Jet Lag

Jet lag is the tiredness you feel while travelling across different time zones. A few days before travelling, adjust your meals to the clock of the destination you are travelling to and your jet will minimized, if not gone.

Using Cans the Right Way

Cans are very popular with aerated drinks, beer, etc. and we always end up not using it in the right way. You need to put your straw through the tab so that your straw stays intact. This is actually how the cans were designed to help us.

Avoid Ads while Gaming on your Phone

We all hate ads while playing games on our phones. Put your phone on airplane mode and you are sorted -all the ads are gone.

Get Rid of Dizzy Headlights

Your headlights become dizzy every once in a while for one reason or the other. In order to bring that old shine back to your headlights, all you need is a toothpaste. Apply toothpaste on your headlights and leave for a while. Clean the headlights with a clean cloth once done.

Outshine in an Interview/Exam

Just 5 minutes before an interview or any important exam, take a high powered pose and you’ll know the difference. According to studies, doing so builds your confidence by 20% and reduces your stress by 25%.

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