4 Alternate Colours to Wear this Winter!

Come winters, and the streets are full of black, blue, and grey. Given how winters allow us to experiment with our look and style isn’t it kind of ironic that nobody usually tries to explore more than these three basic colours? So here are some colour cues for Fall-Winter 2016 that will help you dispel the gloom of those dull winter days.

1.Look royally different with Bodacious Purple.

Shrugs, overcoats, jackets- you can pick about anything in purple, the colour of royalty, and it will instantly make your ensemble classy and elegant. The best part however is that this colour recommended by Pantone for Fall 2016 will always make your outfit look 1000 bucks more expensive without you actually having to shell out that amount!

2. Just colour block with Tangerine Orange

It’s no secret that Orange is the new Black. This vibrant hue, even as just a stole or scarf, can add the right amount of colour to your usual black and blue ensemble. It is also a great colour for boots and pumps.

3. Look refreshingly cool with Olive Green

Green military jackets and tartan plaids are the coolest combination ever. You can also experiment with shrugs in this colour, especially because they can be paired with absolutely anything. It is also a great colour for boots, bags and leather jackets. 

4. Show your soft side with Rose Quartz

This compassionate hue, which is the Pantone Colour of the Year along with serenity, challenges traditional colour perceptions when layered as a ribbed beanie and a sweatshirt. Alternatively, you can throw on a jacket –a bomber jacket or a field jacket- or an overcoat, and pair it with dark, deep colours to create a stunning contrast.



Dive into the world of colours and unveil a new YOU this winter! Don’t forget to play with colours even if the streets are having a Chessboard moment!

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