5 Monsoon Must Eats

Monsoon is that time of the year when even the least foodie person is in for some taste buds. It doesn’t matter if it is drizzling or raining heavily, as long as you have one of these things to eat, nothing else matters.

  1. Bhutta

Sight of a roadside Bhutta wala (Roasted corn) is the best thing that can happen to you when it’s raining heavily. The best part is that it is only a common sight in monsoon (Take that, other seasons). Just make sure you ask the bhutte wala for extra masala if you like it (it enhances the taste even more).

  1. Pakodas

Onion pakodas, potato pakodas, paneer panner pakodas, raw banana pakodas, and at least two dozen more variations in pakodas. Eat any one (or all if you are too ambitious) with green chutney or ketchup for an authentic monsoon snack.

  1. Samosa

Samosas are a delight with chai. Found at almost all sweet shops, samosas are served with chilli and sweet chutney. Some people also eat samosas sandwiched between pieces of bread and served with hot chai.

  1. Vada Pav

This Mumbai treat is famous across the globe and you can find vada pav very easily anywhere. In case if you are not able to, it’s very easy to make even at home with maybe just 10-15 mins of the rain that you’d miss not eating it. It’s actually aloo bonda inside pav with a chilli.


  1. Tikki

Some people like tikki with both sweet and chilli chutney with curd poured over it while others like it with chole ki sabzi or aloo ki sabzi over it. You might not be lucky enough to find both in your neighborhood, but you sure will be lucky to find one of them during monsoon season. Garnished with onions and pomegranates, this desi food is a sure hit.


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