5 Craziest 5 Minute Procrastinations

“Bas Paanch Minute”. We all have, atleast once used this in our lives in situations like these.

1.No matter which road of the world you are on, you have always managed to convince your friends that you will be there in 5 Minutes.

2. If you are a girl, you have surely used “Just 5 Minutes more” to keep them waiting while you compete your vanity.

3. Who doesn’t know the importance of the last few minutes in the examination hall where we pen down all the words of knowledge on the answer sheet.

5 min series-04

4. The longest 5 Minutes are the ones when the waiter at the restaurant asks you to wait for your delicious meal on an empty stomach when you are surrounded by mouth watering dishes.

5. Waiting forever to get those Eyebrows done? Well, you don’t want someone else to ruin it. Patience is a virtue.

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