6 Tips to Keep Your Skin Monsoon Ready

It’s that time of the year once again when the rain Gods bestow their blessings over us and give us some much needed relief from the hot weather. But monsoon also comes up with problems of its’ own, with a major one being affecting the skin, which tends to remain wet and invite problems. Here are seven tips, which can help you avoid skin problems during monsoon:

1. Apply moisturizer and sunscreen on the skin on a daily basis, especially when exposed to rain.


2. Use warm water to take a shower, avoid exposing the skin to cold water.


3. Prefer wearing cotton clothes, which allows the skin to be exposed to air.


4. Always keep the skin moist. Use soap free cleansers and scrubs.


5. Avoid rubbing the face while cleaning, gently dab the towel or napkin to clean.


6. Get waxed frequently to help keep the pores clean and unclog them regularly.


Enough said, it’s the season to enjoy the weather. Happy Monsoons, everyone!

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