4 Things You Should Never Do While Dieting

Dieting to the Core

It is essential that you have a healthy and nutrition rich diet while aiming to lose weight. We often let go our favourite food and survive only on boiled vegetables, soya chaps, milk and eggs. Did you know that it is actually fruitful for you to have your choice of meal every once in a week? On one day of the week, you get to have pizzas, burgers, and whatnot (in controlled quantity) which helps to keep your metabolism strong. Cool, isn’t it?

Ditching Calorie Counts

There is no room for improvement if you don’t know where you are going wrong. There are numerous apps that track your calories and keep you in charge with how you want to allocate proteins, carbs and fats among various meals based on your weight goals. You can even use fitness bands and track the number of calories burnt.

Secretly in touch with sodas/ junk food

Don’t survive on boiled vegetables and eggs. Don’t keep luring around junk food in the name of ‘tasty food’. Sodas/ aerated drinks are going to ruin all the efforts you put in to maintain your body. Remember, the trick here is to have them every once in a week. Don’t make it a habit. Instead, let go.

Lose Weight without Exercise

If you lose weight without working on different parts of your body, losing weight will only make your skin come loose. In order to have your skin intact, if you want to lose weight heavily (say 10-20 kgs), you need to start exercising regularly. Going to a gym would be just the right thing to do if you don’t know about a lot of exercises.

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