6 Moments when Indians Supported each other during Demonetisation

It is often said that tough times bring out either the best or worst in people. Indians certainly showed their best side when it came to tiding over the hassles and inconvenience of demonetisation. Here are a few instances:


1) People served tea

Waiting in a queue outside a bank could be really tiresome. Some good Samaritans recognised this and distributed tea to the ones standing in queues.


2) Pizza Hut gave free pizzas


Bank visits usually lasted for hours and getting while waiting was inevitable. However, guys at Pizza Hut helped these hungry people fill their tummy up by distributing free pizzas at certain places.

3) People helped each other to fill forms


Many among those visiting the banks were new account holders and knew little about operating a bank account. Thankfully for them, there were many in the crowd who helped them fill their forms.

4) Doctors and hospitals accepted old notes

Source: ANI

While there were reports of some hospitals turning down patients who had the old 500 and 1000 notes, what didn’t come much into news were the doctors and hospitals who took the old notes. Some even treated their patients for free.

5) Cabbies and auto drivers ferried passengers for free

They are often reviled for overcharging and being too pricey. However, proving all these stereotypes wrong, some cab and auto drivers helped cash strapped passengers reach their destinations for free.

6) Some people distributed water


Cola shola apni jagah hai, par pani ka kaam bas pani hi karta hai’’ This Jab We Met dialogue made so much sense to those standing in bank queues for hours. The good thing is that many people understood the trouble and distributed water to people outside banks.

Yes! We are in this together.

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