Guide to Man’s Suit

The Suit-Up moment usually comes in our lives when we either join a B-School, planning to attend a wedding or preparing for a job interview. Here’re few quick things to keep in mind before picking one.

  1. Color 

You don’t want to shine in a shade of suit that’s absolutely non-compatible with your skin tone. Take enough time, try enough times, but make sure that the color you pick blends well with your skin and hair tone

  1. Comfortable Material

If you’re not comfortable in your Suit, you’re not looking good. Find the material that suits you, not the mannequin.

  1. Fit 

Nothing says money burnt than a suit that doesn’t fit. Don’t buy loose suits with a provision of putting up weight later. You just can’t compromise on this one.

  1. Occasion

Different suits fit different occasion. Don’t have the same suit for a business trip and a casual date. Likewise don’t just wear blazer to work or 3 piece suit at family dinner.


  1. Budget

Go deep in your pockets, for your suit is who you are but, don’t go deep enough as buying a suit is not an individual thing. You need to do proper budgeting for your suit, shirt, tie (if any), belt, and shoes.

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