4 Herbal Products to Make Your Skin Winter Ready

Cosy and warm blankets, tasty food and hot beverages, and beautiful colours of Christmas, etc. are some of the things that make winters the most special part of the year for all of us. However, our skin has to often suffer at the hands of this special season. Every winter, you try an assortment of skin care products that never seem to yield the desired results. But have you ever tried herbal products? Here are four herbal products according to your skin type that will cure all your skin troubles this winter.

1) Aloe Vera Gel for Dry Skin- If you have dry skin, then winter is especially hard for you as it strips the skin of natural moisture and moisturising oils. You must therefore use Aloe Vera gel that has the ability to nourish your skin with its essential vitamins and minerals. It exfoliates, cleanses, and provides moisture to the skin, without making it greasy, unlike other moisturisers. Buy it here.

2) Neem Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin- Do you suffer from acne which gets worse in winters? Don’t worry; all you need is a simple neem-based face wash. Neem is highly regarded for its medicinal benefits and it works wonders on skin as well. A neem based face wash will remove all the dirt, impurities, and grease accumulated on the face during the day, thus preventing an acne outbreak. Buy it here.

3) Tulsi Based Lotion for Oily Skin- The sacred plant of Tulsi can do miracles for your skin. A Tulsi based lotion is highly recommended if you have oily skin. The lotion not just removes the impurities and excess oils from your skin; it also keeps the natural balance of your skin intact. Buy it here.

4) Carrot Seed Cream for Ageing Skin– Are you worried about the wrinkles that are starting to appear on your skin? To be honest, it is an inevitable sign of ageing. However, the good thing is that certain natural products like a carrot seed based cream can easily rid you these signs of ageing. A carrot seed based cream is capable of tightening and rejuvenating your skin and therefore makes you looks younger. Buy it here.

When nothing seems to work, herbal products usually do wonders.  Moreover, due to being made of natural herbs and plants, these products are always a safe choice. So this winter, it is best that you look no further than these amazing products from the herbal store of Shopclues.

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