Bluetooth Under 500: Cut the Cord, Embrace Awesome Audio 

Music is a universal language, it knows no linguistic barriers, so why not use Bluetooth to rescue it from the barrier of wires? Go for a wireless audio experience and take your music anywhere. Bluetooth audio devices have become ubiquitous commodities that are visible in almost every household. Workouts, commute, travel or house parties, none of these are complete without Bluetooth speakers or earphones. Therefore, it is imperative to find the correct device that accommodates well in your budget. We have curated a list of speakers and earphones that are astoundingly wallet-friendly (all of which are wireless and compatible with Bluetooth under ₹500! and will provide you with an awesome party experience. 

Product Price (₹) Product Link 
Digimate A005 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker  459  
NESTY GR-11 KitKat Wireless Speaker  419  
Digimate High Bass Speaker  369  
i7S TWS Wireless In-the-ear Bluetooth Earphones  469  
Wireless HBS-730 Neckband Headphones  399  
Gaze Me M-10 Earpods  484 

Bluetooth Speakers 

  1. Digimate A005 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 

Step into the world of immersive sound and portable convenience with Digimate A005. It has a unique and appealing design, with a durable build. This Speaker supports Bluetooth V4.2, FM, SD, USB as well as AUX connectivity. Compatible with almost all devices, this is your perfect audio companion. 

  1. NESTY GR-11 KitKat Wireless Speaker 

If you are someone who cannot compromise on sound and like your music served amplified, this is the device for you! It has a stylish retro design, along with USB input, FM Radio, SD card input, Aux In & Microphone in support. With Bluetooth V5.0, it has steady connectivity and hours of playtime. Listen to rock music or go wild on Desi party bangers, this speaker has got you sorted! 

  1. Digimate High Bass Speaker 

Want your music to have a strong bass that reverberates throughout your being, we’ve got just the Bluetooth speaker for you! It has multi-input support and a unique design that not only looks appealing but also acts as a phone holder. Its durability and water-resistance ensure that you can enjoy music indoors as well as outdoors. 

Bluetooth Earphones 

  1. i7S TWS Wireless In-the-ear Bluetooth Earphones 

Tune in to immersive and clear-fidelity sound with these earphones. They have an elegant and minimal design, with a single touch button for easy control. Their soft but sturdy grip allows them to get comfortably anchored in your ear. Moreover, these Bluetooth under 500 rupees provide sweat-resistance, wide compatibility and speedy connection, which makes them your perfect on-the-go musical companions. 

  1. Wireless HBS-730 Neckband Headphones  

You wish to listen to some music while travelling, hiking or going for a run, but fear that you might drop your earbuds somewhere, we’ve got you covered! HBS-730 Neckband Headphones allow you to focus on what you’re doing without misplacing them. Enjoy up to 10 hours of listening, noise reduction and echo cancellation with these Bluetooth earphones

  1. Gaze Me M-10 Earpods 

These high-tech Bluetooth earbuds come nestled in a sleek multi-feature charging case. Not only are these earbuds attractive, but also sparkling clean in sound. It’s long-lasting and ergonomically designed for hours of unrestrained listening. The LED-display charging case has an unparalleled battery life, that can also be used as a power bank for mobile phones. Unleash the power of music now! 

Bluetooth empowers you to carry your music anywhere, anytime. And ShopClues empowers you to choose from an extensive range of budget-friendly headphones, earphones, earbuds and speakers that have the connectivity of Bluetooth under 500 rupees, to give you a convenient yet impeccable audio experience. So, buy now and get enamored by amplified beats, crystal clear rhythms and sound that gets you grooving. 

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