Chaubey Ji Ki Dhuandhaar Duniya

When it comes to living a “dhuandhaar” life, nobody can beat the Chaubeys. Let’s meet them and take some tips on how to live life:



Senior Mr. Chaubey loves smoking the pipe and has lived for more than hundred years, without any health issues!




Mr. Chaubey’s hobby is chewing raw tobacco. But that’s not what he is known for. Mr. Chaubey indeed has the whitest teeth in the world, which have no stains of tobacco!




Even Junior Chaubey is not behind. At the age of fifteen, he smokes in front of his dad happily!

Despite all the tobacco intake, they are a very happy family and their friends and neighbours call them a very healthy family as well. They are so understanding that there is nothing in their life apart from harmony.

Now rewind two minutes to before you read the article, and #DimaagKiSuno. Is it possible for someone to consume tobacco and be like the Chaubeys?

Tobacco kills. It’s never too late to quit. This World No Tobacco Day, #DimaagKiSuno and pledge to stop tobacco consumption to start live a happy and healthy life.

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