Clues Bucks: Exclusive Ticket to a Rewarding Shopping Journey 

Shopclues, an online marketplace that offers exciting shopping rewards on the most extensive range of products in India. It has a diverse selection of categories, from electronics, home and kitchen, fashion and beauty to sports and fitness.  To reward its loyal customers as well as to provide them with a hassle-free shopping experience, ShopClues credits its own virtual currency points called CluesBucks or CB+, in a user’s account for repeat purchases. 

These CluesBucks can be redeemed for discounts, deals, and special offers on future purchases, making every shopping endeavor even more delightful. One CluesBuck is equivalent to 1 rupee. These can be earned by participation in our contests and promotions, or in the form of a refund for a return or a cancellation. CluesBucks can be used to make full as well as partial payment of the total order value.  

How to redeem CluesBucks? 

  1. Login to your ShopClues account 
  1. Add your desired product to the cart 
  1. Check out to the cart page and click on ‘Place Order’ 
  1. Click on ‘Redeem’ or ‘Use it’ on the top right corner 
  1.  Place your order using CluesBucks 

Follow these simple steps to enjoy the gifts of ShopClues shopping rewards. Another awesome thing about CB+ is that they can be transferred to the bank account of your choice. Thus, CluesBucks make shopping a pleasant journey. So, start accumulating CluesBucks now and enjoy the added perks that come with being a valued ShopClues customer. 

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