Air Fryer- Why you need it

Air-fryers are rather new in the Kitchenware Technology and they claim themselves to be the ultimate replacement for most of the food that you’d cook by deep frying. If you know what you are dealing with, these things can be life changing behind the kitchen doors.


First things first- let’s get ‘what it cannot do out of the way’.

It cannot fry pakoras, or any batter foods with such precision as it would, say, fry potato chips.

As the entire mechanism of air fryer uses hot air circulation to mimic deep frying, light food such as papad with not cook. Instead, it might end up blocking your fryer.


So why should you buy it then?

  1. Almost 70-80% less oil than traditional deep frying.
  2. Not only you can escape deep frying, you can also bake, roast, grill and shallow fry. All in one.
  3. Even if you don’t get your way around tech, you’ll get the hang of it pretty easily.
  4. The best thing- it’s fully automatic so you don’t have to wait for the food to fry and turn it off. It does all that by itself.


Some Useful Tips

  1. Shake the air fryer once or twice for smaller food like French fries to ensure it cooks properly.
  1. Get yourself a sprayer and spray a little bit of oil to get that crunchy taste.
  1. Never overfill the basket or the food will not be evenly crispy and will also increase cooking time.


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