5-Quick Midnight Bites

  1. Maggi Sandwich

The king of badass food is back. And with it are many quirky recipes that taste yummy.
This one is as simple as making Maggi, a butter toast and combining the two. Heavenly.

  1. Ice Cream and Fries

You eat certain things in a certain timeline but you never step out of the usual. A little ahead to your unusual thoughts, lies finger fries and ice cream- together. Salty and sweet, best of both worlds.

  1. Chocolate Momos

Momos are popular like crazy. Chocolate on the other hand tastes like crazy.  Cook your regular momos and dip it in rich, dark chocolate. Popular or tasty? Crazy good or craziest best?

  1. Anything Samosa

Oh samosa! If you know anything about street food, samosas are the one of oldest player in the market. The step by step guide is easy to the point where you would add aloo filling, only in this, you add Manchurian or pasta or pizza toppings, or even momos filling. Be as innovative as you can be and tell us too.


  1. Nutella Parantha

Your everyday parantha made better with Nutella. Fancy sweetness even more? Add crumps of Oreo too and roll.
Oh God. It tastes so good that I will have it as soon as I am finished with this post.




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