4 Things Every Car Needs

Anti-Slip Dashboard Mat

How many times have you put your phone on the dashboard only to have it fall down in almost no time? Well, this dashboard mat is all that you need for your phones, keys and whatnot. Just place it on your dashboard and let the adhesive do its magic.

LCD Display

LCD Displays with software that provide large icons are perfect blend of safety and usage. You can always change the music, navigate directions, and wirelessly answer calls and a ton of other things. But make sure you put your concentration on driving before everything.

Parking Sensors

In cluttered roads like in India, one needs to have Parking Sensors. You never know who might come from behind and hit you suddenly. These sensors beep on you if your car gets close to any obstacle and very accurately tell the distance between you and the object. Safety should always be your first priority.

Bad Ass Speakers

Having a custom sound system actually does no harm to your car. It just bites off a little space from your car’s trunk which I am sure is a worthy trade-off for that soothing music (or heavy metal) that you like. And even if you are not a music freak, you should still upgrade your default speakers (you’ll know the difference when you do).


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