Top 5 Essentials for Rainy Days: How to Look Stylish in the Monsoon Season

Pouring rain, lush greenery, earthy aroma, dazzling thunder and aesthetic views from your window, sounds like the monsoon season is here, doesn’t it? Yes, but so are the troubles of waterlogging, damp clothes, going through pools of muddy water and getting drenched. Well, now none of these should stop you from leaving your home. We are giving you a list of top 5 essentials that are space saving and will waterproof you without compromising on your comfort and style.


The most effective way to beat the rain is donning waterproof raincoats that keep you from getting wet. The water-resistant nature of quality polyester fabric prevents every single droplet from making its way in. Not to mention, the double coating with the inner PVC layer helps you combat the aggressive monsoon winds.

Therefore, all you outdoorsy bikers shall have no reason to worry about your bike rides in the rain. Neither should you be concerned about feeling claustrophobic in such a fabric. These waterproof raincoats have enough breathable space to suck away the sweat and keep you comfortable all the time.

Another amazing thing about these is their low need for maintenance a simple hand wash and you are good to go. Despite all these advantages, you still might not want to carry around an entire outfit every time you anticipate the clouds. In that case, waterproof jackets which fold into pocket-size cards are the right choice for you. Raincoats are not just friendly to your clothes, but also to your pockets. And most importantly, don’t forget how stylish you’re going to look!

Rain Covers for Backpack

Whether it is the daily need of school and work, or you are planning a trip, it is necessary to have backpacks to carry all your essential belongings. Thus, it is important to protect all your belongings from moisture using water-resistant backpack covers. It can save you tons of money by preventing water from entering expensive electronic devices like laptops, power banks or headphones.

These covers come in many variants, and some include drawstring pouches which can be used to keep wallets and mobile phones dry. The best thing about them is that they have a buckle that prevents them from falling off. They fit all sizes and adjust according to the shape of the bag.

Compact Stylish Umbrella

Stylish umbrellas are a staple in the days of downpour. However, those big things seem to be a hassle to carry around. Thus, what you need this season are compact yet chic umbrellas that come with a bottle-esque holder so that you can fit them wherever you wish. Also, these can shield you from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which are present all year round, including monsoons.

While all umbrellas can provide you shelter from rain, what most of them succumb to are the heavy winds that accompany the showers. Thus, these compact umbrellas are specially designed windproof and do not flip upside down. So, make sure that the compact bottle umbrellas enter your list of must-haves, every time you step out.

Phone Rain Cover

Monsoon season is a grave threat to something that has woven itself into the fabric of human existence mobile phones! Everything happens on phones now work, play, entertainment, everything. You have all your valuable documents, photos and videos on your phone, which is why it is necessary to safeguard it, because one splash of water and you might lose it all. This is why you need a waterproof mobile pouch which comes in a universal size that can contain all kinds of phones.

And, this is not even the best part, its touch-friendly window on both sides allows you to use your phone even when it is in the pouch. You can carry it around hands-free because of its comfortable neck-strap. It has a three-layer seal; hence, you can stop worrying about the safety of your phone.

Rain Covers for Shoes

Isn’t it the most annoying thing to get all that dirt and murky water in your shoes while walking on those waterlogged roads? Get waterproof footwear that is not only fashionable, but also allows you to walk around with ease. You can use water-resistant over-shoes that safeguard your favourite footwear.

These reusable over-shoes have adequate friction to prevent you from tumbling on the slippery roads during the rains. You can wear them anytime, while travelling, biking, motorcycling or even climbing. Being made of elastic silicone, they easily cover your entire shoe and can be folded for ease of carrying. And not just that, it looks pretty cool too!

The Monsoon season does come with its challenges, but there is a way to tackle every challenge. This season, stay stylish, comfy and dry. Investing in all the items mentioned in this list will prepare you for the rainy days. From waterproof clothing to shoes and from compact umbrellas to touch-screen protective phone covers, we’ve got you all covered, literally. Rains are not something to worry about, they are the gift of nature, so go out and enjoy!

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