4 Unique Ideas for Your Christmas Light Décor

Christmas is here! As the temperature outside dips, the warm, fuzzy feeling of Christmas envelopes you and makes you want to spread the joy.

As you gear up for the celebrations, you might be wondering how to set up the Christmas lights, to create a fun, vibrant festive ambience. Here are a few easy ideas to help you get started.

1) Drape trees with fairy lights

If you have a garden full of trees, you can light up the whole space by wrapping strings of fairy lights around the branches of the trees. You can use a mix of bright hues to create a medley of colours that reflect the spirit of Christmas. Ah, don’t we all love a dressed up back yard?

2) Pair the wreath with LED Door Hanging

How do you do that? It’s very simple! Hang the wreath on the door like you always do with the only difference that this year, it doesn’t have to be hollow at the center. Fill up the centre with an aptly sized, cute Santa LED light.

3) Hang Glowing Hula Hoops

Have a couple of old Hula Hoops lying uselessly in your store room? It is time to give them a breath of fresh air by hanging them in your outdoors. Do they look bare? Of course, they do. Wrap strings of rice lights around them and they will come to life. Let the garden glow this Christmas.

4) Fill the mason jars with light balls

Is DIY ever complete without the mention of mason jars? No? Fill three to four mason jars with small balls of wooden lights or string lights and place them at the dining table to give it a lovely makeover.

Inspired by these awesome lighting decor ideas? Now get started with the preparations before Christmas comes knocking at your doors.

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