Electric Shaver Vs Trimmer Vs Razor


Different men deal with facial hair differently. Having a beard or no beard is a debate for some other day, but today we are going to find out what is best for you- trimmer, razor,  or electric shaver?



If you love to experiment with your beard, a trimmer is probably the best choice for you. Trimmers are perfect for having a stubble or different beard styles as they come with a knob to control the length of your facial hair which ranges from 0.5mm to 10mm.


A Razor, however, is for people who love to get rid of facial hair to the last millimeter. The Razor provides a clean look to your face. Usually, people who love to maintain a sharp look use razor as they remove facial hair more visibly than trimmers.

However, if you use a razor, you have to change the blade at least once in a week with the add on expense of shaving cream/foam and not to mention the cuts you end up getting because your razor was a bit too sharp.



Electric Shavers

An Electric shaver is almost like a razor except they are a little less efficient than razors and have an okay-ish inbuilt trimmer. The good thing though is that these are best of both worlds. They give a clean look like a razor and offer the ease of use like a trimmer.


No matter what suits you the best, it is always advisable to apply some aftershave once you are done with trimming/shaving.


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