Boost your Wi-Fi Strength with Wi-Fi Extender

Have you ever been in a situation where you didn’t get your Wi-Fi connection in some part of your home/ building? Or better yet, are you facing issues with low-quality signal reception away from your Wi-Fi?
Here’s when a Wi-Fi Range Extender comes into play.

A Wi-Fi Range Extender is actually a device you can use in order to amplify the range of your Wi-Fi router by as much as two times the reach of your router.


Usually, when one faces the problem with Wi-Fi strength, one should first focus on updating his router to latest technology (consider updating your router if it is a Wireless B or G to Wireless N or AC).

In case you have updated your router, look no know further than a Wi-Fi extender.
You need to place it between your router and the dead zone (where Wi-Fi is not reachable).

An extender takes wireless signals from your Router and then amplifies it to other devices and thus ensuring that range and performance is not an issue.


Also, make sure your extender is of the same frequency as your router. For e.g., for a dual channel N1200 router, get a dual channel N1200 extender.

If have no clue about all this, search the router model on the internet and you’ll find the channel and frequency.

Now that you need to check if your internet is working or not, you can log on to and buy a product or two (maybe convert your wish list).


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