5 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

Indian weddings are almost like an over stretched festival with tons and tons of relatives and friends cheering the bride and groom as they commit to a lifetime of togetherness. But more often than not, this commitment can come at a very hefty cost.

Here are 5 ways in which you can end up saving money with your wedding.

Food that Matters

People usually stick to 2-3veg and/or 2-3non-veg starters with 3-4curries/sabzis along with 2-3 variety of breads. Usually, this kind of package starts at around INR 500 and includes 2 veg and 2 nonveg starters with a basic main course. Nothing fancy, but saves a huge deal of money.

Alcohol- limit the beverage, not the quantity

Indian weddings without alcohol don’t really add up. That said, it doesn’t matter if you are not putting the best on the table as long as you have a decent collection of some good whiskeys, few wines, and chilled beer to serve. There is no harm going from best to better (or even to ‘good’ in some cases) as long as you are serving alcohol throughout the wedding.

Wedding Planners- To keep or not to keep

We Indians take pride in our families. More often than not, these families are well equipped with elder people who have seen (and probably, help organise) a lot of weddings. You are sure to leverage on their experience and can end up saving all of the wedding planner’s costs. Take their help. For all you know, you might end up having a more cultural wedding.

Banquet- How classy should it be

Banquet (or your place of venue) is one place where you have to be very cautious in any kind of cost cutting. If you opt for a very okay-ish banquet, right away it will shout ‘cost cutting’. You need to do a lot of research (maybe call up a few people who live nearby) before finding the right banquet. Ideally, you are looking at INR 2-5lakhs for a decent venue.

Entertainment (dancers/ musicians)

Nobody will remember what music played or who danced in your wedding. If the food is great and the bar is set, just get some random DJ to play some energy songs. Your budget will drop marginally here.


Happy Wedding 🙂

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