10 Must-Have Gadget Accessories Under Rs. 99

Gadgets without accessories are incomplete. With ShopClues, own some of the coolest gadget accessories at a price as low as Rs. 99!

1.Zipper Earphones

Gone are the days when jackets used to be zippers.
Zipper earphones ensure you don’t trip the wire over your flippers.

2. Mobile Charging Holders

Fed up of the small USB cables?
Scared to leave your charging phone hanging in the air?
These mobile charging holders will ‘hang around’ to solve your problem.

3. Selfie Stick

Selfies are the latest trend, loved by everyone around.
These selfie sticks are aux enabled, keeping your phone safe and sound.

4.Earphone Splitter

Want to share the romantic song with your loved one at a crowded place? Sharing a pair of earphones may not give you the required privacy. Two pairs aren’t a dream anymore, when you own the earphones splitter.

5. USB Light

Working for the deadline at late night with your loved ones sleeping beside?
Now illuminate your keyboard and work on the table or even on bedside!

6. OTG Adapter

Did you know your phone can read pen drives too? With an OTG Adapter, make your phone a literal computer to access pen drives as well.

7. Memory Card Adapter

If you want to transfer a movie or photos from your computer,
You can use the SD card adapter to watch a movie when you’re a commuter.

8. USB Fan

You worried with your heating laptop?
Then no need to visit the workshop!
Connect it to the laptop or power bank to make it dazzle,
You now have a ‘cool’ work mind when you travel.

9. AUX Cable

Want to listen to your favourite song on a bigger scale?
Connect your phone to any speaker or your car with an Aux Cable for an even better experience!

10. Mobile Ring Holder

Unable to balance your phone on the table while watching a video or reading a book?
This Mobile Ring will not only balance your phone, but also help you holding it while standing.

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