5 Best Features Which iVooMi Me1+ Gives Under Rs. 5,000.

iVooMi has launched its’ latest product Me1+, which is at par with the most expensive smartphones available in the country. Let’s take at five features which iVooMi Me1+ offers at the best price possible:


1. 3000 mAh battery: A battery so strong, that it lets you watch your favourite movies, chat with your friends and surf the internet, without running out. Me1+ has one of the best battery backups in the smartphone market.

2. 1.2 GHz Quad Core processor: One of the best processors to ever grace smartphones, it makes the iVooMi Me1+ experience a smooth one.

me1+ 2

3. 16 GB Internal Storage: This is without the memory card. Yes, Me1+ offers 16 GB internal storage for all apps and data, which can be expanded later till 128 GB. In short, there will never be any shortage of space.

4. 2 GB RAM: To ensure the most lag free experience, Me1+ comes with a 2 GB RAM, which is as good as a computer and ensures that the phone doesn’t lag at any cost.

5. 8 MP Camera: To ensure the best pictures, Me1+ offers an 8 MP camera which offers clear photos. Even the front camera is 5 MP to make selfies look better than ever.

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