5 Things to do with 5 Fingers

  1. Pinky – Promise?, Nah!

How many of you have spotted that one guy in your life who has a long and fancy nail on his pinky to scratch his ears? Blimey!

The Ultimate Ear-Cleaning Tool


2. Ring Walli Finger

“Kyunki Yehi ek Ungli hai jiski nass Dil tak Jaati hai Rahul” – Simeran


3. The Middle Finger

Sada Haqq, Aithe Rakh – Rockstar ka Kamaal!


4. Index Finger

Jab Ghee Seedhi Ungli se na nikle toh VOTE karo!


5. Thumb Rule

Jeb Khali, Angootha Bahar – Lift lee kya?

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