Summer Runway Trends 2015

With summers making a swift comeback, it’s time to don your summer outfits again. Here’s your summer style checklist going by the hottest runway trends spotted this season! Dressed to Thrill  Talking of dresses, prints continue to hog the limelight. Watch out for vintage & tribal prints for a subtle shift from the more prominent florals &…

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April Fools’ Day Pranks

Got something wacky in your head for this April Fools Day?? Let’s help you plan the perfect prank to play on your friends or colleagues: 1) Start your day with Facebook!! Change your birthday to April 1. When the well wishes start pouring in, troll them by switching your status to “April Fools!” 2) Let’s get into…

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Keep Calm & Crack Exams!

No TV, No WhatsApp, No FB – having these symptoms?? Oh’re suffering from…the EXAM FEVER. Getting hooked up with BOOKS and tackling the nightmares of exams, is the worst thing that happens to every student. This blog is totally dedicated to those brave hearts who already have finished their exams, or are still struggling with it.…

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Breakfree to be Fabulous

Women’s Day is not only about celebrating womanhood but the determination that she shows towards her work; the excellence that she results in her job; and the changes that she brings for her fellow sisters. Meet real life women who have risen above expectations and carved a niche to set inspirations for others. Show Stopper…

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Five Things We All Do on Holi

1. Mixing Bhaang in Your Friends’ Drinks We all have that one friend who’ll steer away from any thing that remotely smells of bhaang, and eventually ends up being the most interesting party element, once he or she’s had a generous gulp of thandaai (Did you hear bhaang?) 2. Sprinkling Colors & Balloons at EVERYONE You Can…

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It Happens Only In India!!

Cricket fans are tagged with different ideologies belonging to their country land. As noticed, Australian cricket fans are undoubtedly confident about their victory, whereas English fans are quite skeptical with regard to their performance till the end. However, there is only an exclusive group of Indian cricket fans that can be related to 100s of…

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Three Cheers to 3 Years of Togetherness

ShopClues is turning 3 and we couldn’t hide our anniversary bash excitement from you. Rejoice yourself in the most happening celebration and gear-up to win exciting prizes all three days long. Triple the giggle, triple the fun as ShopClues Anniversary Party would Just Begin! Being together for 3 years, we are always grateful to your…

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Beat the Monday Blues

Monday is one of the day which none of us would like to think about. Ofcourse after weekends Monday is back again or rather say its here to stay whether you like it or not. One thing is to accept(though we all understand) is Monday is here to stay. It will come again and again…

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