Hop aboard the Bling-Brigade for your Party Look

Party Runway

With Christmas and New Year’s knocking on our doors, everyone’s drifting into the party mode. If dressing different for every party you’ve to attend (or host) isn’t your thing, here’s something you should explore for your party closet this season! If you’re into the high-on-glam style, you could opt for outfits in metallic hues, done…

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Stay Connected 24×7

In today’s smart world, an android phone is not just an accessory, but is essential for your overall existence. Imagine when anyone asks you about five things you cannot live without, your smartphone definitely tops the list. From communication to gaming, social networking to photography, messaging to calling, smartphone is your 24×7 companion. So if…

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5 Things We Indians Love in “Wholesale”

Festival on Thursday.. Saturday, Sunday off, bunking office/college/school on Friday… Holidays in “Wholesale”!!! Girlfriend is complaining.. Activating call, message or internet plan for whole night talking… Chit-chat in “Wholesale”!! New project has come.. Scheduling meetings, making plans, brainstorming sessions… Work in “Wholesale”! Welcome to India- a country where we Indians love doing, planning, thinking, giving…

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Are You Game For It!

Over the past few years smartphones have replaced a variety of tech gadgets, including point-and-shoot cameras, GPS units and even gaming consoles. Recent statistics suggest, mobile gaming industry is growing rapidly. With the evolution of mobile technology the quality of games on mobile devices have become almost comparable to the games you play on big…

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