Revisiting the Memory Lane of Fairs in India

An inseparable chapter of the vibrant festival called India, fairs are probably one of the few  fondest memories many of us have, from our childhood days. Here’s reliving and revisiting those hazy memory lanes of week-long fairs, with their never-ending surprises in every stall, corner and bend. Despite shopping malls sprouting everywhere in the cityscape,…

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5 Amusements at Indian Melas

Being a true blue Indian, we all have had a great time at melas, especially when we were kids. Even today, we try take some time out from our busy schedules to get drenched in the colors and flavours of Indian Jamborees. So let’s go down the memory lane and reminisce everything we use to…

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ShopClues.com wins accolade for ‘Advertising Campaign of the Year’ at Indian e-retail awards 2015

ShopClues, India’s first and largest managed marketplace won top honour at the Indian e-retail Awards 2015. It was felicitated for the ‘Advertising Campaign of the Year’ for its TVC ‘From Ding to Dong’ released in September 2014. Created by Enormous Brands, Mumbai, the TV ad campaign perfectly highlighted the online retailer’s value proposition of being…

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ShopClues.com turns the spotlight on merchants with its Sellers’ Summit in Mumbai

Rewards their contributions & offers a vibrant platform for further knowledge sharing. ShopClues.com, India’s first and largest managed marketplace organised a Sellers’ Summit for the benefit of all the merchants who retail their products through its platform. This was the first Sellers’ Summit held in Mumbai. The event witnessed the presence of Ronnie Screwvala, an…

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Nepal Relief Fund: A Wakeup Call to Save Lives

When Life Takes Unfortunate Turns Natural disasters are always unforeseen and nobody ever comes prepared for such calamities. Recently, we all saw something similar happening with our closest neighbour, Nepal. It was heart-wrenching to see this Himalayan counterpart getting destructed by a monstrous earthquake that left everything fragile. The intensity of earthquake was measured 7.9…

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