Digital is the Future of Television

With each passing day there is always something new and exciting happening in the world of technologies that leaves us wide-eyed. A few decades ago nobody would have ever imagined that CDs will become obsolete and will be replaced by iPods, measuring as small as just a fist of a hand. Laptops have been replaced…

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Sumptuous Cheesy Onion Grilled Sandwich

To make your morning breakfast fun and healthy, we have come up with Cheesy Onion Grilled Sandwich recipe. A filling of vegetables flavored with tomato, chilli sauce and cheese is sure to sweep you away with its sumptuous taste. INGREDIENTS 8 Bread Slices Butter for Brushing For The Filling Processed Cheese(Grated): 1/2 Cup Spring Onions…

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DIY Homemade Birdfeeder: Easy and Fun

Do you want to inculcate the values of sharing, love and affection in your kid? You can do this by teaching your kid an amazing project which is quite easy and real fun. Any guesses? Well, here it goes. Its homemade birdseed dispenser. Teach your child to spoon-feed your winged neighbors with this homemade birdseed…

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Best Smartphones for Selfie Lovers

Selfies are great obsession nowadays. You can see social media platform flooded with this new craze. Even stars are not untouched with selfies and have propelled the already popular Smartphone practice to another league. But what handset should you use if you want a high quality selfie? Let’s take a look. Sony Xperia Z1 Compact…

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5 Easy Home Decorating Tips

Home reflects the taste and personality of its owner. So, whenever you decide to decorate your home try to be selective and at the same time remember not to overspend. To make things simple and easy for you, we are lisiting a few tips that are quite affordable and sure to help you transform your…

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DIY for Kids- Cute Mask

Its vacation and fun times for kids. Why don’t you teach them something creative that can help you to keep their energies in control. To help you out we have decided to share share with you an interesting mask making project. Simple, fun and easy is how we describe it. Here is the to-do things…

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