turns the spotlight on merchants with its Sellers’ Summit in Mumbai

Rewards their contributions & offers a vibrant platform for further knowledge sharing., India’s first and largest managed marketplace organised a Sellers’ Summit for the benefit of all the merchants who retail their products through its platform. This was the first Sellers’ Summit held in Mumbai. The event witnessed the presence of Ronnie Screwvala, an…

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Nepal Relief Fund: A Wakeup Call to Save Lives

When Life Takes Unfortunate Turns Natural disasters are always unforeseen and nobody ever comes prepared for such calamities. Recently, we all saw something similar happening with our closest neighbour, Nepal. It was heart-wrenching to see this Himalayan counterpart getting destructed by a monstrous earthquake that left everything fragile. The intensity of earthquake was measured 7.9…

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Be Smart & Defeat Malaria!

There is no priority higher than the prevention of malaria. On this World Malaria Day, we are just reminding you to keep up the fighting spirit against this killer disease and check out these easy ways to avoid the contact with annoying bugs to make the most of your healthy time.  Use mosquito repellent cream…

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A penny saved is a penny earned!!

If any one is good at saving every hard earned penny, it’s Indian Women. Surprised?? There’s no denying the fact that women love shopping, but are bargain geniuses too. Here are 8 instances that will prove you that shopping and savings go hand in hand. 1) Shopping Sale-brations – Always looking for reasons to sale-brate…

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Summer Runway Trends 2015

With summers making a swift comeback, it’s time to don your summer outfits again. Here’s your summer style checklist going by the hottest runway trends spotted this season! Dressed to Thrill  Talking of dresses, prints continue to hog the limelight. Watch out for vintage & tribal prints for a subtle shift from the more prominent florals &…

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April Fools’ Day Pranks

Got something wacky in your head for this April Fools Day?? Let’s help you plan the perfect prank to play on your friends or colleagues: 1) Start your day with Facebook!! Change your birthday to April 1. When the well wishes start pouring in, troll them by switching your status to “April Fools!” 2) Let’s get into…

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