9 Gadgets Every 90s Kid Was Obsessed With

It’s safe to say that we have come a long way from the 90s, the decade of pagers and hand held video games. As a matter of fact, pretty much everything we considered cool back then has either been discontinued or become redundant. But us 90s kids can’t help but be overcome by a bout of nostalgia when we think of these gadgets and our growing up years. And honestly, some of these technology wonders from the 90s are still pretty cool.

Let’s jog your memory and take you back to 9 of the most amazing gadgets from the 90s that we can’t help but love, even today.

1. Handheld video games

Yes, the graphics on the video games you play on your smartphone are all too realistic, but nothing can compare to the joy we got spending hours playing our favourite hand held video game. While quite limited with their basic LCD screens and functions, they could keep you happy forever, and we love ‘em still!


2. Beyblades

They were our absolute favourites! These colourful spinning tops came in multitude of colours and had our favourite cartoon characters on them. You could enjoy them alone, but the true joy came from holding ‘Beyblades championships’ and beating your opponents.


3. TV Video Games

Oh, how we longed to get one of these for our birthday or on Diwali. These were the 90s equivalent of what PS4 is today, but only cooler. I mean who can forget Super Mario Bros? They were the bestest and if you’re a 90s kid, we bet you had one too many fights with your siblings on who gets to play first.


4. Portable MP3 Players

90s was when the first time electronic MP3 players made their debut and took the world by storm. Now you’d say that we have portable music players today as well. But ones we had back then looked very different and had far less storage. We loved them nonetheless and still do! You should get one, even if you own a smartphone. A portable MP3 player is easy to carry around and great for those long walks or gym, when you don’t want to carry your expensive phone.


5. Polaroid cameras

We didn’t have smartphones back then but that doesn’t mean we didn’t take pictures. We had Polaroid cameras, which were actually better than smartphones, as the photos you took could immediately be printed. Bet your 20 MP dual camera smartphone can’t do that!


6. Rubber Watches With Digital Display

These colourful watches were all the rage back in the 90s and impressively cheap. You could buy many, match them with any and every outfit, and when they broke, you could just get another. How cool is that?


7. Walkman and Discman

While portable MP3 players made their debut in the 90s, they came pretty late and cost a bomb. Before that, everybody owned a Walkman and later, a Discman. They were rugged, came in pop colours and the most ultimate cool accessory to carry around.


8. Palm Pilots

You have a smartphone today to organise your daily tasks, set reminders and more. But back in the 90s, Palm Pilots did that. You could sync them with your desktop and you were good to go! Owning one meant that you were someone really important with things to do and places to be. How cool is that?


9. Boomboxes

Nothing could compare to the sheer joy of playing your favourite Backstreet Boys songs with the volume turned up all the way on your Boombox. Yes, you had your parents and even neighbours knocking at your doors to turn down the volume, but you must admit that it was fun indeed.


So, which of these cool gadgets you owned growing up and more importantly, still have stored away in your house? Let us know in the comments below!

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