11 Gifts For People Who Love Their Smart Phones A Bit Too Much

Ask anyone about the one thing they can’t leave their home without and the answer will be their smartphone. With so many functions wrapped into this tiny little device, your smartphone literally has the world on your fingertips. And with a little investment and some thought, you can actually get more out of it. Intrigued? Well, here are 11 great products to take your smartphone experience to the next level and make it a lot smarter than it already is!

1.A power bank

Ever been out on the road and realized you’ve forgotten your charger at home? We feel your pain and suggest you get a sleek powerbank today to ensure your phone never runs out of juice.

2. An AUX Cable

Driving and want your friends to listen to your favourite tune? Get an AUX cable and get the party started in your car!

3. A Ring Holder

You know what’s the worst feeling in the world? When you are watching something on your phone lying in bed and it falls smack on your face! Well, that won’t happen again with this nifty ring holder keeping your (and your phone’s) back.

4. A Sturdy Case

Ever dropped your phone? We know that feeling! That’s why, you gotta keep your phone protected from falls. A sturdy case will keep your phone safe. Also, it’s an easy way to give it a makeover!

5. A USB OTG Adapter

Want to watch that video you shot on your phone on your big screen TV? Get a USB OTG adapter and transfer data on the go with no wires involved!

6. A VR Headset

Nothing can compare to the immersive experience of virtual reality! Imagine playing your favourite game and actually being in it. A VR headset will let you do that, anytime and anywhere.

7. A Selfie Stick

Tired of asking strangers to take you and your squad’s pictures? Take matters in your own hands with a selfie stick and make sure no one gets cropped in your selfies!

8. A Pair of Bluetooth Headphones

Yes, your phone came with a set of headphones but managing all those wires can get cumbersome. Go wireless with a pair of Bluetooth headphones and you will never have to untangle a wire again!

9. A Fitness Tracker

Whoever knew that your phone can help you get fit? Get a fitness tracker, sync it with your phone and stay on top of your fitness goals!

10. An Audio Splitter

Sometimes you want to watch a video with your bestie but don’t want the world to hear it. That’s why you need an audio splitter that lets you plug two headphones into one 3.5mm jack, How cool is that!

11. A Smartphone Holder

Finally, go hands free while  watching movies and driving using this bendy smartphone holder. Your hands will thank you for it!

There you have it! We are sure you’d love your smartphone more with these great products to keep it company! Shop Digimate now.

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