Easy Ways to get Fit on a Budget

  1. Push Up Bar

The reason one uses a push up bar in a gym is exactly why one should use it in their house.
Better grip, improved muscle workout, additional training capabilities and much more. Why do you even want to use your hands?



  1. Yoga Mat

The most affordable way to stay fit when at home is through yoga. But before anything, get a yoga mat! Just imagine slipping when doing one of those complicated asanas- yeah you don’t want that to happen.


  1. Weights

It doesn’t matter if you are a gym guy or not, you just cannot miss on weights while shopping for fitness. Why? Because who doesn’t want that “2.5 kilo ka haath”. Also, it serves as an equipment for a number of exercises to reduce weight and is equally effective if done regularly.


  1. Skipping Rope

Remember the golden days of your childhood when you didn’t stop even after hours of skipping rope? Apart from burning calories and building agility and apt abs workout method, it is extremely cheap and guess what- Portable.

  1. Stability Ball


So the only thing in the list that you can use for purposes other than exercise has to be this. Not only can you do tons of hip, abs, back and knee exercises, you can also use the ball as a chair.
Say what? Yes, a chair.




















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