5 Shirts Every Man Should Have In His Closet

A prerequisite to this list is to have shirts that are tailored to your fit. Also, always wear clean, stain-free and ironed shirts (or for that matter- any cloth should be ironed).

  1. White Shirt

A white shirt in a man’s closet is as important as a living. At some point in your life- sooner than you think- you will need a white shirt. It goes with any pair of jeans or chinos. Just make sure you replace it with a new one once you feel it is yellowing.

  1. Polo Shirt

When you want something more than a T-Shirt but at the same time, something casual. Polo Shirts work best with a contrasting pair of jeans and are a delight for those Informal Corporate affairs.



  1. Blue Shirt

Image a white shirt for your work life- that would be a blue shirt. It goes with all colour suits and trousers- Blue, Black, Grey, Brown- you name it. Just keep it plain with no such highlights(unusual buttons or pockets).


  1. Check Shirt

A check shirt with a skinny fit chinos and white sneakers shouts ‘Classy’ upfront. It is perfect for all those occasions when you want a sense of taste to your ‘not so informal’ get-together.


  1. T-Shirt

By default, everyone has a T- Shirt. If you don’t have one- you are probably working too hard. Just get a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers/sports shoes. Also, try to stock those graphic t- shirts than solids as they are louder at being casual and that is exactly what you are looking for.



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