6 Reasons to SHOP with ShopClues

6 Reasons to shop at ShopClues

While setting your foot into the everyday needs of your household, you check your wallet several times before shopping as the list varies from your son’s new Doremon bag, your dad’s new Tambola set to your wife’s latest demand of air-fryer and not to forget your very own e-Cigarette. Yes, the bill gets bigger and bigger. Check out a stunning range of Branded & Unbranded yet best quality product journey at ShopClues. Not convinced? We’ve more to talk about !

  1. Mall Nahi Yeh Market Hai

Don’t we want to ever buy something that’s ‘Not-Branded’ but comes as a greater utility? Don’t we hate going to a mall and spending a bomb on something? If utility is your prime focus and value for money is your mantra, then ShopClues is the answer to your prayers


  1. Aflatooni products

It’s got that ‘hatke’ things that you’ve been craving for a long time. From a Shower-Proof Bluetooth Speaker, an ultimate partner to your bathroom singing career, to Swach Bharat’s easy-to-spot cow dung cakes, but when need for Granny’s puja – Oh-so tough to find! Yes, you will find that Cow-dung cake on ShopClues


  1. ‘Almost’ Everything is Available

‘Ting se leke tong’ isn’t just a Jingle. You know that product you have been trying to find since the longest time, you’ll get it here with a simple search. There are so many categories to choose from, you’ll take hours to even window-shop!


  1. Setting foot into the Local Bazaar

Though some may not admit, we know we have all gone to that chaotic street market in our neighbourhood and shopped A LOT. From Sunday Flea Market showcasing things for everyone in the family to Super Saver Bazaar every Wednesday for mid-week shopping blues, India’s bizarre Bazaar experience awaits you. So cut the chaos – ShopClues is a finger-tap away from you

  1. Paisa-Vasool Kicks

You know that joy you get when you find something dirt cheap yet amazing at a steal price? Get those cheap thrills again and again and again with ShopClues because everything is extremely pocket-loving here – Pinky swear!

  1. (Deli)Very Good

No we don’t take months to ship your product – the delivery is quick and hidden charges are bare minimum. Like the free dhaniya from your vegetable vendor, like getting extra time in an exam – you might experience the joy of free delivery with ShopClues, that is, not always, but more often than not!


Written by Vedika Sharma, Class X

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