4 Gardening Tips You Must Know

Gardening is a hobby almost everyone has but finds it hard to stick with it. Gardening is as delicate a task as growing a baby and more often than not, it needs you to look after it every other day. Whether or not you have your own place that you call ‘my garden’, here are some tips that would help both beginners and those who want some nifty tips to help them be more efficient.

  1. Use Leftover water from cooking Vegetables

The water from cooking vegetables that you would have otherwise thrown away in sink is actually rich in nutrients that your plants are craving to have. It not only helps to reuse resources which would otherwise have gone to waste but at the same time helps to provide nutrients to your plant in a very inexpensive way (technically speaking, it is kind of free).

  1. Use Plastic forks to prevent your pets from entering your garden

The idea is very simple. In between each of your plants put plastic forks throughout your garden so that it acts as a barrier for your pets to enter the place. Divide your garden in patches and make sure that each patch is covered with forks. It would save you a lot of trouble if you have plants as well as pets.

  1. Knowledge, Knowledge and Knowledge

The more you know, the better you grow. I’ll let you in on a secret- The leaves of herbs that you grow come out beautiful and fresh if you pinch the tips of the herbs. Start with seeds of vegetables such as potato, radish, mint that are easy to grow and once you have enough knowledge and experience, you can almost aim at anything.

Did you know Inserting the rose stem in potato yields more nutrient to rose and helps it to grow faster?

  1. Routine, Plans, and timetable

You may have tons of things to do but you have to plan out sufficient time for your garden. Install a mobile app, have a periodical alarm, mark date on calendar, whatever makes you more productive with your garden. Your plants, like you, need nutrition for survival. Being their owner it is your responsibility to keep them nutrition rich.


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