Give Your Bedroom a makeover Under Rs. 999

While it’s important that your bedroom should be restful, it doesn’t have to be boring. Why, you ask? Let’s start with some logic. Ever wondered how much time we spend in bed? On an average a person sleeps for 8 hours a day. That means an average person will sleep for 229,961 hours in their lifetime or basically one third of their life. That’s a lot of time! All the more reason for you to give your lackluster bedroom a makeover today. Now that you are sold on the idea, you must be wondering how much it’d cost. Not a lot, actually! Here’s a list of must have items that can spruce up your lackluster bedroom in no time. Best part? They all cost less than Rs.999. Yay!

1.Cushions to keep you cozy

Up your bed linen game with some funky cushions and add a dash of color to your life! Choose from colorful geometrical prints and bold quotes to really make an impact and add a bit of personality to your bedroom.

2.Go bold or go home with bold bedsheets

Bored of plain old bedsheets that your mom picked up for you? Too lazy to go out and shop for some? Order these quirky bedsheets and bedspreads to jazz up your bed.

3.String lights to add some magic

Who doesn’t like fairytales? Now every day and night can look like one, with some of these fairy lights on your bedroom walls.

4.Fluffiest comforter for the comfiest sleep

Ditch that old razai that you have had for ages and get yourself a brand-new comforter in bright colors and bold prints for a good night’s sleep and a brighter than ever morning.

5. A throw rug to keep your feet happy

When it comes to rugs, one is not enough. Place one right next to your bed, and your feet will never be cold. Ever.

6.Curtains to keep the light out

Curtains can uplift the whole room, and a fresh set can make the room look totally different! Give your bedroom windows a makeover with new curtains in fun colors and prints. Pro tip, match your curtains to your bedspread and you will never go wrong!

7.Dress your walls with decals

Since we are dressing up everything, why leave your walls blank? Express yourself and your style with some trendy decals on your bedroom walls.

Try out these ideas and you will fall in love with your bedroom, all over again! Shop bedroom decor here.

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