6 Ways To Colour Block Your Home This Spring

One of the biggest trends we have seen on the fashion runways and on the streets past couple of seasons is colour blocking. What is colour blocking, you ask? Simply put, it is the pairing of a bunch of solid hues to create a single bold look. It is a step away from going all matchy-matchy, and opting for combinations which contrast yet complement each other. And while this trend looks great in your wardrobe, it looks even better in your home. Imagine a home just as bright and cheery as you, with bold splashes of lively colours everywhere. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? This spring, we offer up a guide for you to give your drab walls and old interiors a makeover with this runway ready trend. By the end of it, your home would be a total head turner, just like you!

1. Go white, and then add some colour


If you are a colour blocking novice, you don’t want to go all in right from the beginning. After all, you don’t want your house to look like a parade, now do you? Start with painting your walls white, and then add pops of colours by either painting one wall a summery hue, or just dividing the wall in two by painting one half in white and the other in a bold colour. Whatever you do, keep it geometric to add dimension. What colours do we recommend for the spring? Mustard yellow and cool mint green, for sure!

2. Add pops of colour to your storage


Wardrobes in your bedroom and storage units in your kitchen are more than just utilities. They can also be transformed to decor by add colour blocking to them. To make this work, choose a colour that complements the walls. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, paint them in a bunch of colours and add a little white for contrast.

3. Colour those curtains


Curtains and upholstery are another great way to bring home colour blocking, especially when you have white walls. This trend works particularly well in small spaces like your bathroom where you may have white tiles to play up the contrast. How do you do it? Just hang some shower curtains in bright cheery solid colours or geometric prints in summery hues.

4. Spread the colours


Bed spreads, bed sheets and pillows are great way of adding colour to your bedroom, and the good thing is they don’t cost a bomb. Go for bed linen in shades of summer and bold prints, pair it with pillows and cushions in contrasting colours and colour block your bedroom instantly.

5. Fun with furniture


Ok, so now that your walls and upholstery are sorted, it is time to turn to your furniture. While you may not want to buy all new furniture (’cause let’s face it, that will cost a lot of money), you can add a few details to add more colour to it. Start with cushions on your couch in bright complementary colours. A carpet with some geometric prints in summery hues is also a great idea. And if you have a bit more budget, how about some small pieces of furniture like a chair or a coffee table with colours that scream summer loud and clear?

6. Accessorise to colourise


Finally, an easy way to colour block your home is with pieces of decor sporting cheery bright hues. Think vases, lamps and lamp shades, wall art, flower pots, runners and more. But don’t go overboard with too many colours. Find a colour scheme, and stick to it.

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