OnePlus 3T – Selfie & Storage Lovers’ Haven


OnePlus 3T is a flagship phone which is best among its peers if the comparison is in terms of features & price. It comes out as a real winner hands down.

I’ll come straight to the factors which I’ve experienced while using it and might be useful for you to make an informed decision while buying one. Read on.


  • Selfies: Yes, selfies are a fad these days and phones are being entirely sold on just one factor, Camera. And OnePlus 3T has 16MP Cameras (both front & rear). Amazing captures with awesome resolutions will be a norm if you’re a selfie addict.
  • Processing Power: 6GB RAM gives an unparalleled experience while you’re surfing, listening to music, watching movies or playing games. No lag while you keep yourself engaged with the phone. 10/10 on this.
  • Charging: 3400mAh is a decent figure for comfortable usage all day long. Add on the ‘dash charging’ feature and you reach half way charging in just 30mins!


  • If you’ve OnePlus 3 (or a similar phone) then an upgrade to 3T is not recommended as minimal feature upgrade at steeper price won’t be a suggested option.
  • Video recording can get a bit wobbly as stabilization feature isn’t quite good.
  • If you’re an FM fan, sorry, but 3T doesn’t come with the support. Also the headphone jack is down below which might be uncomfortable for regular earphone users.


Overall, it would be highly recommended to buy OnePlus 3T if you’re looking for features comparable to Samsung S7 Edge (which is quite costly as compared to 3T) and you’ll also be a happy owner of “flagship killer” as it has been named. Hope this brief review helps.

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