7 Must Buys from Triple Value Sale Under ₹199

It is summer and ShopClues is back with the coolest sale of India – the Triple Value Sale. Let us look at some of the best buys from the Triple Value Sale.

1.Cotton Face Towels – For energizing you during a busy day or after a long day, the soft face towels are the best buys indeed. At Triple Value Sale, you can purchase FOUR of them for just ₹79.

2.  Laundry Bag, Dustpan and Wiper combo – Living at home and not requiring a laundry bag, a mini dustpan and a kitchen wiper is not possible. Instead of waiting for the current ones to go old, you can get a new set at Triple Value Sale only for ₹199.


3. LED Mens Watch – Being trendy and wearing a stylish watch is something which Triple Value Sale can offer only at ₹199.


4. Travel comfort combo – Travelling is indeed a tiring affair. But when you have a neck pillow cushion, and eye mask and ear plugs, you’re sure to have a sound sleep and feel refreshed while travelling. In fact, the neck pillow can be used for a short travelling time as well. All three are available at the Triple Value Sale for ₹149.


5. Digital Thermometer – Mercury thermometers have become anachronistic these days and have been replaced with safer, and more accurate digital thermometers. If you don’t own one, Triple Value Sale are selling it only for ₹149.


6. Chopping and washing board – The easy way to chop and wash vegetables and fruits are here, which ensure great chops and non-messy hands. Available at Triple Value Sale only for ₹149, it is a must buy if you have a kitchen at home.


7. LED Bulb combo – It is high time to replace normal bulbs and CFLs with LED bulbs, which not only save electricity, but also glow brighter. A set of two is available at Triple Value Sale for ₹165.


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