8 Kitchen Items That’ll Sort Your Messy Kitchen (And Life!)

Ever heard the adage “if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen”? It really holds true for many of us! While eating is definitely fun (not to mention, incredibly satisfying), cooking necessarily isn’t. If you don’t believe us, watch an episode of Master Chef and you’d know what we are talking about! Then there is the cleaning up afterwards part that sends shivers down our spines and makes us want to order in every single night of the week.

Don’t worry! We know your plight and therefore, have compiled a list of 8 incredibly nifty and useful kitchen gadgets, gizmos and tools that will help you make the most of your time in the kitchen. And nope, they don’t cost a bomb, so you don’t have to break the bank. By the end of this list, we are sure you’d wonder how you’d ever live without these!

1. This little egg boiler that’ll let you boil your eggs to perfection

Boil eggs like a pro with this bad boy. Just pop them in and you’re sorted. Eggciting, isn’t it?

2. This all in one vegetables and rice strainer that will make rinsing as easy as a hand wash

Rinsing things was never this fun! This colorful little bowl lets you rinse your favorite veggies and grains in a jiffy.

3. This scissor that lets you cut veggies like a chef


Chop and slice veggies with ease using this stainless-steel scissor with five blades. We bet you’d be cooking up a storm with this one!

4. This little tray that will let you add more space to your fridge

Refrigerator overflowing with food? Worry not! This little tray can add additional storage space to your fridge and let you organize things better.

5. This sprout maker that will have you eating healthy in no time

Want to make healthier eating choices but don’t have the time? Throw in some lentils in this little gadget and you will be munching on fresh sprouts for breakfast.

6. This peeler will let you peel like there is no tomorrow


Everybody hates peeling potatoes. Not anymore. This little peeler with make it a breeze.

7. This champ will fulfill your love for fries


Every day will be a fries-day with this baby. Get it?

8. This shiny steamer will truly be your knight in shining armor


Steam multiple things all at once with this baby. Can’t wait to make steamed momos and idlis all at once!

We bet our recommendations will make your time in the kitchen a little easier. Shop the kitchen store at Shopclues.

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