CXO Next 2017: Student Today, CXO Tomorrow


CXO Next 2017 aims at identifying the most promising future leaders amongst the students of top B-Schools in India. The programme tests the acumen of these B-School students to plan business like a CXO, and qualify to shadow the CXOs of ShopClues for one week. At CXO Next 2017, you’re all invited to spectate, discover and network with business leaders of ShopClues.

Things to look forward to, at CXO Next Summit 2017

  1. CXO Next Challenge

You’re the CXO of ShopClues who has to showcase the growth plan for the business at upcoming board meeting. Your Business Areas are

  • Operations

New-age Logistics for ShopClues to improve marketplace experience

  • Category

Evangelize ‘Unbranded’ & ‘Unstructured’ products in Shoppers’ mind and improve customer experience of the brand

  • Product & Technology

Professionalize ‘Conventional Merchant’ into an ‘Online Seller’ at ShopClues

  • Marketing

Introduce ‘Tailored Social Marketing Strategy’ of ShopClues for the ‘Unbranded Product Journey’

Pick an Area, Build a Case Study on one of the above topics and Win ‘CXO Next 2017’ Challenge by ShopClues

  1. CXO Next Awards
  • 4 Winners Under each Category

Winners will be awarded with:

a.Kindle Book

b. Pre-placement Interview

c.Shadow the Business Head for 1 Week

  • 4 Runner ups Under each Category

Winners will be awarded with:

a. Kindle Book

b. Pre-placement Interview

  1. Network

Witness the grand finale of ‘CXO Next’ Challenge, and network with industry leaders this 27th May 2017. Stay Tuned!

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