Accessorize Right-Jewellery For the Occasion

‘Jewels’ can make any gloomy heart glitter and sad face smile. They are women’s one of the best friends. I don’t think that any women exists in this world who can say no to jewellery. Every female wants to own beautiful jewellery to look at their best. Sometimes it becomes very confusing as to which jewellery will be apt for a particular occasion. Ofcourse you can’t think of wearing a heavy pair of earrings to a workplace because it doesn’t go well with your professional look. To solve your misery we have compiled a list of various situations and how to choose jewellery that goes well with your outfit.



Wedding gives you an opportunity to showcase the best of you. Especially if the wedding is of your friend, relative or loved one it demands you to standout among the crowd. Its the perfect occasion to open your jewel box and adorn the exquisite neck piece or a pair of danglers that your were eyeing to wear for long. A word of caution – decide your outfit first else you will goof up everything. Once you have decided upon your costume its the time to find that perfect jewellery to compliment it. If you have chosen something in the same colour its better to team it up with jewellery in contrasting colours. For Eg. a dress in blue looks great with emeralds. The colour will compliment each other and make jewellery come out more beautifully. If you have chosen outfit in many colours its smart to stick with silver or diamond jewellery else you will end up looking overdone. Always ask yourself – how much is too much!



At office or business meeting you would always like to dress smart and look very professional. The frequent question that crops the mind is how to incorporate the love of your life in your office attire. It’s not that tough as you might be thinking. When it comes to jewellery, staying sweet and simple is the best way to go! A lovely pair of diamond or silver studs will look elegant at the same time not too glamorous for regular workday. If you are wearing a kurta or a saree then a plain chain with a small pendant looks elegant. You may even go for pearls for the sophisticated and complete look.



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For the dinner party you can jazz up or go a little less-blingy depending on how formal is the party. If its some corporate event its better to step down a little and not go too bling bling. A smart pair of diamond earrings can be teamed up with a matching diamond necklace or a bracelet for the finished look. If diamond is not your first preference then you can choose from semiprecious stone jewellery such as rubies or sapphires. If its some regular gathering its better to keep it classy. Wear a simple diamond chain or pearl pendant and complete the look without the feeling of being overdressed.

We hope these simple ideas will definitely help you to accessorize yourself the best way and gives you a better hint to team up the right jewellery with the correct outfit. Let us know if you find these ideas helpful and feel free to share yours.

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